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Bass Pro Crankin' Stick Casting Rod Bass Fishing Rods

Bass Fishing Rods Manufacturer: Bass Pro
Bass Pro Model: Crankin' Stick Casting Rod
Review Category: Bass Fishing Rods

Purchase: Bass Fishing Rods $59.99 at the Bass Pro Shops just a full moon back.

Things I like about the Bass Pro Crankin' Stick Casting Rod Bass Fishing Rods: When I rear back on this kid it sets the bait like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm not just setting the hook I'm planting it for next year. There are a lot of big bass out there that will testify to that. The best part of all is the tip is as loose as my buddies sister. All three of my fishing partners are talking about getting one for them selves. They've watched me catch some of the biggest fish they've ever saw with this rod.

What I don't like about the Bass Pro Crankin' Stick Casting Rod: BPS doesn't offer them in a heavier weight than the Medium action. Big mistake on their part. I guess other fisherman out there just don't catch the size of fish I do. The guys down in the yard said I should be fishing for a living. I guess it's just a gift I have.

Bass Fishing Rods Crankin' Stick Casting Rod quality: It's well made, I'll probably get a good year out of it before it gives in. Most rods I've owned give in after half a season just from some of the fights they have to go through.

Crankin' Stick Casting Rod summary: I do good with any rod I have. I'm sure this one helps a little. You just have to know how to land them. A few nights back I caught one that would have broken most rods. Some of the guys who were congratulating me said it was one of the biggest they ever saw. I told them I'd say it was middle of the road.

Rating for this Bass Pro product: 3

Author of this review on Bass Pro Bass Fishing Rods: Eric E.

Date: 2003-09-06

Usefulness Rating: 2.09259 out of 5.
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