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Strong Built 15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Strong Built
Strong Built Model: 15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands My camp pulled our money and put six of these guys up last week. We paid 99.00 each at Cabelas. Thankfully a friend of mine got us a deal on the freigh charges. With the six up early it will give the deer a chance to get used to seeing the ladder. One guy wants to put a couple of dummy hunters in the stand to get the deer used to seeing them also. I don't think I'll be going that far. These six plus our fixed stands will give us plenty of choices on our 99 acre site.

Things I like about the Strong Built 15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand Tree Stands: When buying six you have to like the price of $99 dollars. There were a couple out there cheaper, but I pushed everyone toward this because of the swivel seat. The moving seat will help with seeing the deer and most importantly for those of us with sore backs. I also like the fact rathcet straps came with them. Once that ratchet is tight you don't have to worry about them going anywhere when you're in them.

What I don't like about the Strong Built 15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand: As with anything these days you'd better have it chained down or someone is going to take it. Most of the locals around our camp are good people. Unfortunately there are a few sleezebags around that I just don't trust. Here's a good time. Have someone weld in ID in three different spots on it. We did and hopefully that will deter punks from taking them.

Tree Stands 15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand quality: With the ratchet and straps on she's solid. I doubt much is going to bend the squar tubing. If we paid a lot more I'm sure she would be stronger and maybe more comfortable but we have plenty of time to make them more comfortable if we like.

15 foot Swivel Seat Ladder Stand summary: It's hard to beat the price and will save us a lot of time from building permanent stands that only last a year before you start wondering how solid they are. See if the guys in your camp want to do the same as we did.

Rating for this Strong Built product: 4

Author of this review on Strong Built Tree Stands: P.J. Titusville, PA

Date: 2003-09-06

Usefulness Rating: 3.43713 out of 5.
167 reader(s) voted.

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