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ABU Ambassador 6000 Bait Casting Reel Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: ABU Ambassador
ABU Ambassador Model: 6000 Bait Casting Reel
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels Purchased over the counter at a Wal-Mart because I am a big fan of this particular type of reel. I have found that it is heavy duty enough to handle being thrown around in the boat and countless cast and retrieves without failure. I paid 60.00 for this reel.

Things I like about the ABU Ambassador 6000 Bait Casting Reel Bass Fishing Reels: The design of the reel is perfect for the size of my hand. The spool release is a button on the side, and I find that this is perfect for the way I fish. It just fits naturally into the ryhthm of casting and retrieving constantly. It is well balanced when paired with one of my favorite rods from Bass Pro, like the Bionic Blade. It's weight just makes the whole combination balanced and easy to use. I just consider this reel a heavy duty version of a fishing reel.

What I don't like about the ABU Ambassador 6000 Bait Casting Reel: There are so few things wrong with this reel, and they are so minor that it would be hard to nail any one thing down. But I guess the one thing that it is difficult to master is how to set the reel up initially to minimize the problem with a "backlash". Trying to teach my kids how to use this reel is tough for this one reason. Once you get it however, then everything is fine. This adjustment is something that I just expect when I purchase one of these reels.

Bass Fishing Reels 6000 Bait Casting Reel quality: The construction and quality is outstanding. The gears are usually brass and the frame is always steel and aluminum. It is built to use. It is really heavy duty.

6000 Bait Casting Reel summary: This is the kind of reel that a person will use, if they don't want to worry about the thing breaking or coming apart in the field. It is heavy duty enough to take a lot of punishment, but has the finesse required to catch the most finicky of bass. Really, outstanding reel. Never leave home without it.

Rating for this ABU Ambassador product: 4

Author of this review on ABU Ambassador Bass Fishing Reels: Ed

Date: 2004-08-03

Usefulness Rating: 4.59524 out of 5.
84 reader(s) voted.

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