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PSE Baby G Archery Bows

Archery Bows Manufacturer: PSE
PSE Model: Baby G
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows I had eyeballed this in the Cabela's catalog two years ago and my father bought it for me for X-mas. I knew the bow was receiving rave reviews. I believe my father paid $399.00 for the Cabela's package. I hadn't shot in 8 years and was itching to get back into archery and my hunting again.

Things I like about the PSE Baby G Archery Bows: I love everything about this, accurate, shoots flat..just a fantastic power & speed machine... My old bow was a PSE Phaser Flite...much bigger bow and a lot slower than the Baby G.

What I don't like about the PSE Baby G: The arrow vanes are hitting the cables. I have talked to everyone about this...PSE techs, Shops, PSE Tech name it...I am baffled. I hope I eventually totally enjoy this bow to it's full potential...If I can get this problem solved, I will be a very happy camper!

Archery Bows Baby G quality: Very durable. Small and compact for the field and woods. Very light. Veerry FAST! Very good quality.

Baby G summary: As I said above, if I can get this problem solved with the vanes hitting the cables, I will be a very happy camper!

Rating for this PSE product: 4

Author of this review on PSE Archery Bows: Coby

Date: 2004-08-04

Usefulness Rating: 3.625 out of 5.
24 reader(s) voted.

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