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ABU_GARCIA PGS5600 & PGS3600 Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: ABU_GARCIA
ABU_GARCIA Model: PGS5600 & PGS3600
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I do alot of harbor fishing and could not find a saltwater level wind that I could cast accuratly, So I was browsing through the internet when i rememberd my grand father would buy nothing but Mitchel-Garcia who no longer is in buisnes. So i tried the next thing ABU-GARCIA I reviewed your site and found a article on a new reel with a whole new design the EON I believe I paid $110.00 free shipping aprox 3 years ago

Things I like about the ABU_GARCIA PGS5600 & PGS3600 Fishing Reels: The + definatly out wiegh the - what I like about the reels are the comfort and extreme ability for accuracy and distance in casting also the wide drag selection {sometimes in the harbor you run into some very big fish and can button down on drag so they dont spool you}the reel seems lite and fragile but dont let it fool you this is a very durable reel 3 years of weekly service to prove it , also I found that you can not beat ABU-GARCIA service department . I dropped and stepped on my3600 and broke the main frame and they sent me a new reel after 3 years you can not beat that for service . Gramps was rite and they have my buisness for life

What I don't like about the ABU_GARCIA PGS5600 & PGS3600: I wish they made a larger version of this reel and you must keep level wind clean and oiled but this is the price you pay for the free floating level wind wich allows you to get the distance you desire.

Fishing Reels PGS5600 & PGS3600 quality: all composite plastic frame and side plates free floating level wind 175yds 12lb test spool weight 9.6ozs incredibly easy to use and easy acces to drag and mechanical brake also this reel has a new planitary gear system wich alows unique design and strength also this reel features 7 stainless steel bearings and instant anti-reverse

PGS5600 & PGS3600 summary: if you are a begginer or expert to bait casters this is areel you will be very happy with if I can wear these ones out i will definatly buy more and i must say i have never been happier with the service dept

Rating for this ABU_GARCIA product: 5

Author of this review on ABU_GARCIA Fishing Reels: Charles Feland

Date: 2004-08-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.74286 out of 5.
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