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Mathews Outback Archery Bows

Archery Bows Manufacturer: Mathews
Mathews Model: Outback
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows Acquired from a pro shop in Southern Md (Treestand Archery). After 30+ yeras of fingers shooting round wheel compound bows to recurve with fingers - I decided to plunge into technology. I changed to a release, carbon arrows, whisker bisket, 100 gr vs 125 gr broadheads, and a Mathews Outback bow. What a smooth and quiet bow. I do a lot of elk hunting and this bow will allow a kneeling or even sitting shot without a concern of hitting the limbs. What an innovative bow. Yahoo for Mathews - I have taken a leap of faith and already have much tighter groups. Looking forward to elk season this Spetember in Colorado. $702.38 with a couple of extras Billy Moore

Things I like about the Mathews Outback Archery Bows: Quietness, and easy use in various environments. You can actually sit and shoot this bow comfortably. What a change in looks. A major plus in today's airline security and extra fees assessed to hunters is this bow will actually fit in a case that meets airlines 50" standards. I don't have to worry about having to pay an extra fee on each plane.

What I don't like about the Mathews Outback: Getting used to the new comapct size is challenging. I am sure it will grow on me quickly.

Archery Bows Outback quality: 31.5 " axle to axle very light but sturdy. An excellent built bow matched with a great camo pattern. Technology of this bow is unmatched After years of Hoyt I now know what it means "Catch us if you can"

Outback summary: Kudos to the engineers and technicians behind the scene. Marketing bows such as the Outback is always fun but to make an old timer like me jump from a traditional bow to this is like playing rock music in a Baptist Church

Rating for this Mathews product: 5

Author of this review on Mathews Archery Bows: Billy Moore

Date: 2004-08-18

Usefulness Rating: 4.60119 out of 5.
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