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API Treestands Baby Grand Lite Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: API Treestands
API Treestands Model: Baby Grand Lite
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I bought this last year at Van's Tackle and Gear shop. I laid out around seventy bucks for it.

Things I like about the API Treestands Baby Grand Lite Tree Stands: When you read what I don't like you'll understand. The concept was there, just didn't work out right.

What I don't like about the API Treestands Baby Grand Lite: I wanted a small stand that I could hang in a real tight area on the back of my buddy's property. I didn't want to pay a lot as the area I would be hanging it was on his far edge and not to far from a road that would allow a lot of people to see it once the leaves fall. The area has a lot of scrubs with only a couple of trees I could hang stands in. I am 6 foot and a half and didn't think I would have a lot of room and I certainly didn't. That was the problem, I felt like one of the Flying Lewinda's or something. I don't know of a reason that a stand can't have a nice big platform and still not be heavy.

Tree Stands Baby Grand Lite quality: The stand is well made from a quality stand point, my issue is with the design size.

Baby Grand Lite summary: I am going to give the stand and it's hunting location to my Nephew to hunt in when he arrives for the season. He's 12 and kind of small for his age so he shouldn't have a problem with it. It's a nice small stand.

Rating for this API Treestands product: 2

Author of this review on API Treestands Tree Stands: B. Hart III

Date: 2003-09-09

Usefulness Rating: 4.17647 out of 5.
34 reader(s) voted.

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