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Stoney Point Steady Stix ll Gun rest Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Stoney Point
Stoney Point Model: Steady Stix ll Gun rest
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories It was a gift bought by a friend through Bass Pro shops. I assume he paid $34.99.

Things I like about the Stoney Point Steady Stix ll Gun rest Shooting Accessories: It is super light (5 ounces) and fits perfectly in my pack without taking up alot of room. It is so versatile that I can use it on steep, uneven terrain as well as flat ground and steep ravines. I have a bipod that attaches to my Ruger 30 06 but the added weight makes it hard for me carry it long distances so the Steady Stix took care of that problem!

What I don't like about the Stoney Point Steady Stix ll Gun rest: You have to buy the carrying pouch seperatly which is probably just as well as that would be more weight added plus it's much quicker to pull it out of the side pocket on my pack.

Shooting Accessories Steady Stix ll Gun rest quality: It has an adjustable height up to 39" which is great for any situation (standing, kneeling or sitting) plus it is aluminum with a black finish so you don't have to worry about reflecting light or breakage on the first use. It has a belt clip to keep it close when I'm not using my pack and since it's so light it doesn't pull my pants down when I'm walking! (Not a pretty sight to be sure!)

Steady Stix ll Gun rest summary: This is a great item and I know I will always have mine handy as I seem to get a little unsteady when I see a deer (haven't had a shot at an elk yet but my day will come!). I bet when the elusive elk does finally make an apperance I'll need these Stix more than ever! Happy Shooting!

Rating for this Stoney Point product: 5

Author of this review on Stoney Point Shooting Accessories: Diana Woods

Date: 2004-08-18

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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