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C.P. Oneida ESC Black Eagle Archery Bows

Archery Bows Manufacturer: C.P. Oneida
C.P. Oneida Model: ESC Black Eagle
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows This past spring I went to Buckpole Archery in Marion, Michigan to look for a new, faster bow for hunting North Dakota's mule deer and pronghorn. After ten minutes of shooting the new '04 ESC Black Eagle, I left $650.00 poorer, but with a sweet shooting bow.

Things I like about the C.P. Oneida ESC Black Eagle Archery Bows: The classic Oneida design; either you love it, or you hate it. I for one absolutely love the unique look. In my opinion, if one is looking for a smooth drawing bow, no one can touch the C.P. Oneida and still keep the speed. Another really important consideration for me is that they are extremely easy to work on at home; no bowpress is even needed.

What I don't like about the C.P. Oneida ESC Black Eagle: The only thing the folks at C.P. Oneida need to address is the out-of-the-box noise of the bow. The ESC BE is extremely loud when compared to other bows out-of-the-box. A vast majority of this noise comes from string slap against the outboard limbs. Being already familiar with the "compound/recurve" design, it took me about five minutes with $20 worth of anti-vibration accessories and the bow quickly became extremely quiet even with very light arrows.

Archery Bows ESC Black Eagle quality: The "ESC" of ESC Black Eagle comes from C.P. Oneida's new Engineered Structural Composite outboard limbs. Basically, they are hi-tech carbon limbs molded to the tightest tolerances in the industry; a .001 of an inch. This gives the bow perfectly matched limbs. The riser is machined from solid aluminum and then dipped, along with the powerlimbs and outboard limbs, in RealTree Green Hardwoods HD. The dip job has to be one of the best, if not the best, of any bow I have seen. Seams were nearly impossible to see, and the bubbles often associated with film dipping weren't present. The two-piece hardwood grip is thin and attractive with an engraved eagle head; a very comfortable grip in my hand. Overall, the fit and finish on my bow was as close to perfect as I have seen on the bow.

ESC Black Eagle summary: The '04 C.P. Oneida Black Eagle is a winner for the bowhunter. Its combination of speed, silky smooth draw, and "forgiveness" makes it perfect for the bowhunter. Add to that a design that is very user-friendly to work on, and you have yourself one of the great bows available today.

Rating for this C.P. Oneida product: 5

Author of this review on C.P. Oneida Archery Bows: James Stark

Date: 2004-08-21

Usefulness Rating: 4.71212 out of 5.
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