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Spider Wire Original Fishing Line

Fishing Line Manufacturer: Spider Wire
Spider Wire Model: Original
Review Category: Fishing Line

Purchase: Fishing Line I had seen advertisements about Spider Wire fishing lines. I researched it a little and it was made by a Company, in California, that made bullet proof vests. They made some remarkable claims about Spider Wire's toughness and having no stretch and no memory. I had to try it out to see for myself. I bought some. I usually bite my line in two after knots and loading on the reel. I learned right away, this stuff is tough! When I bought it, it said 10 lb test Spider Wire has the diameter of 2 lb mono! Now hat made an impression and the $9.95 price, being over twice as much as I would spend for my Stren Gold, made me think it just might be what they claimed. Well it was! Even more. It was so supple and fine and then when I tried to bite it I about lost my pearly whites. I began to think this really was something new and high tech. The real test would be on the water. I slipped my boat into the cool waters of a local Wisconsin lake and we [my son and I] ran up the portion of the Yellow river just above Lake Dextervulle. It cast so smooth I wasn't sure I had spooled any line at all! It has virtually no memory and flew through the guides with NO noticeable friction at all. Wow, I loved it! I let the 3 inch Rappala sit until the ripples disappeared and took up the slack. It was very sensitive and I felt like I could feel the weight of the bait even before it actually loaded on the line. You could feel every jerk, every jiggle and when that little bass hit he was hooked immediately. There was no stretch at all to give him any slack at all. I reeled him in feeling every tug or head shake. It was just more fun! I fished for some time and loved this line more and more. Snags were no problem. All you had to do was straighten the rod and line directly to the snag, grab the line and pull. Tough? Oh man, this stuff was the real thing. If the snag didn't come loose, the hook straightened out! I was very impressed. I switched from my Rappala to a Dare Devil spoon. It was heavier and I misjudged my next cast. It went to far and landed in a tree. It hung up so I put the pressure on it and the graphite Shamano rod bent seriously. Suddenly the spoon let go of the tree and SHOT back to me with awsome ballistics. With a noticeable thud it stuck in my shoulder. I tried to pull it out with a pliers but no luck, the barb was sunk deep. I had my son pull on the Spider Wire but there was no way that barb would come through my iron like muscle! Finally! We finally found something to stalemate this incredible fishing line! I recommend Spider Wire to everyone. See you on the water - I'll be the guy with the Dare Devil shoulder jewelry. You talk about body piercing!

Things I like about the Spider Wire Original Fishing Line: I like Spider Wire because it really is the diameter of a much smaller test mono. It has no memory or stretch, you feel everything that happens on the business end of the line. It casts smoother and farther than any mono I have ever seen and it is super tough and a joy to fish with.

What I don't like about the Spider Wire Original : Old habits are hard to break. Don't ever, ever try to bite this line in two. If you do, you may get better aquainted with your dentist.

Fishing Line Original quality: Spider Wire is nade of space age material. The sane material used to make bullet proof vests. It is a new and the highest of quality fishing lines on the market today.

Original summary: This is the best fishing line I have ever used and I won't fish without it at any price. Buy it, use it; you won't be sorry.

Rating for this Spider Wire product: 5

Author of this review on Spider Wire Fishing Line: Tom

Date: 2004-08-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.15385 out of 5.
286 reader(s) voted.

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