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MOSSBERG 935 Other

Other Manufacturer: MOSSBERG
MOSSBERG Model: 935
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I purchased my new 935 from a local sporting goods store for $486, including tax.I bought it as a low-cost shotgun for my son so that he can duck and goose hunt with me, and also allow him to move up to 3.5" shells as he grows.

Things I like about the MOSSBERG 935: What I like most about the 935 is the ability to adjust stock drop with the supplied shim kit. This set of shims is just like the more expensive Benelli shims, and really helps make the gun shoot where you point. The top mounted safety button is also handy for left handed shooters.

What I don't like about the MOSSBERG 935: The gun's action was very "tight" right out of the box, but after a thorough cleaning, it was much smoother.

935 quality: Construction and quality of this gun seems to be very good for a low-cost 3.5" shotgun. Parts seem to be made to last, and the gas system is simple enough to allow fast cleaning.

935 summary: I like the Mossberg 935 as a lower-cost alternative to the Benelli, Beretta, and Browning 3.5" shotguns. After firing several boxes of shells through my 935, it will fire everything from heavy dove loads to heavy goose and turkey shells without adjustment. Patterns are very good with the factory choke tubes and even better with aftermarket tubes. It's a real bargain at $486; less than half the cost of a Beretta or Browning 3.5" shotgun.

Rating for this MOSSBERG product: 4

Author of this review on MOSSBERG Other: 10 Gauge

Date: 2004-08-30

Usefulness Rating: 4.57534 out of 5.
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