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Stealth Cam Stealth Cam MC2-GRT Trail Cameras (t-z)

Trail Cameras (t-z) Manufacturer: Stealth Cam
Stealth Cam Model: Stealth Cam MC2-GRT
Review Category: Trail Cameras (t-z)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (t-z) I received the camera from my stepson as a Christmas gift in 2003. Andy knows I enjoy watching and tracking game on our land.He bought it at Gander Mountian for 89.99

Things I like about the Stealth Cam Stealth Cam MC2-GRT Trail Cameras (t-z): The best thing about the camera is the camo color. It does work good as a trail counter also.

What I don't like about the Stealth Cam Stealth Cam MC2-GRT: The most irritating thing about this unit is the camera. It's worthless,I put it up in early August And wasted 4 rolls of film with 1 picture of nothing at night. This is after spending 10 to 20 minutes getting the film loaded so it would start advancing.

Trail Cameras (t-z) Stealth Cam MC2-GRT quality: The box of the unit seems to be of good quality.Basically every thing inside the box is junk. I may strip out the parts inside and use it as a water proof container of some kind.

Stealth Cam MC2-GRT summary: To me this was one of the best Christmas gifts a guy could receive. It also became one of the biggest disappointments for my stepson and me.He's not one to save receipts or we would bring it back. Buyer beware, try your cameras out as soon as you get them, even if its in your own backyard or house. I think I'll start looking for a new one for next season, any suggestions?

Rating for this Stealth Cam product: 1

Author of this review on Stealth Cam Trail Cameras (t-z): Don Hill

Date: 2004-08-30

Usefulness Rating: 3.52809 out of 5.
89 reader(s) voted.

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