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Leuopold Scopes Vari X Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: Leuopold Scopes
Leuopold Scopes Model: Vari X
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes This scope came with my new Savage I bought a few months ago used at the Hunt Shack. I don't no what the actual price of the scope was although it appeared in good condition or new condition at the time.

Things I like about the Leuopold Scopes Vari X Rifle Scopes: I'm not to thrilled with this scope. I wonder if something happened to it and that's why someone sold the gun rather than go through mounting another scope and buying mounts and the like. The cross hairs are the type I like and feel most accurate shooting.

What I don't like about the Leuopold Scopes Vari X: It's hard to describe it. The scope doesn't give a clear picture. It's almost as if it isn't letting enough light in or there's a little fog covering the lens. I can't figure it out, the only thing I know is the sight picture isn't clear. Who knows maybe the last guy dropped it off a cliff or something.

Rifle Scopes Vari X quality: There's something wrong with it that's all I know.

Vari X summary: I don't know what to do with the scope. The Hunt Shack says it's not their fault and I should call the manufacturer. Everyone tells me since I bought it used I don't have leg to stand on. The worst part is I wouldn't have paid so much for the gun if I knew it was a bad scope. I bought it in March and just set the gun aside for a while with hunting season wound up for the year. Big Mistake. Scopeless Please contact [email protected]

Rating for this Leuopold Scopes product: 2

Author of this review on Leuopold Scopes Rifle Scopes: Scopeless

Date: 2003-09-10

Usefulness Rating: 3.19718 out of 5.
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