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Cabela's Rain Wear All Weather Rain Gear

Rain Gear Manufacturer: Cabela's Rain Wear
Cabela's Rain Wear Model: All Weather
Review Category: Rain Gear

Purchase: Rain Gear I could use a new duffle bag so here goes nothing. I decided to review my Cabela's rain gear. Actually I only purchased the Parka for $99 big ones. I've had it since Christmas 02.

Things I like about the Cabela's Rain Wear All Weather Rain Gear: The best thing about this rain gear is it folds into itself. It does this by every part of it folding into it's own pocket. You would have to see it to belive how small it actually becomes. I carry it in my small game pocket in my hunting coat and use it when I stump sit to keep my-- Well you know. Probably most important is the fact it stays quiet. I remember as a kid having those old K-mart rain panchos that sounded like sandpaper amplified each time you used them in the cold. To date the parka hasn't had a problem with cold and making noise.

What I don't like about the Cabela's Rain Wear All Weather: Why do you think I didn't get the pants, at $99.00 dollars that's all I could afford for the time being. Can't they make something of this quality for a little better price.

Rain Gear All Weather quality: I haven't had it in the worst of rain yet so I don't know how well it exactly does it's job. I can say I've gone so some pretty heavy brush wearing it turkey hunting and haven't seen it snag on anything once. Including one day that was so cold and rainy I just wanted to get out of the woods and was plowing through just about anything in sight to make a bee line back to the car.

All Weather summary: If you can afford and will take care of it this is a nice piece of hunting and or fishing clothing to have. I wouldn't recommend getting them for a youngster who hasn't quit growing yet unless you have younger ones that will grow into the size. The only thing holding me back from a better rating is the cost.

Rating for this Cabela's Rain Wear product: 3

Author of this review on Cabela's Rain Wear Rain Gear: Tony V.

Date: 2003-09-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.93519 out of 5.
108 reader(s) voted.

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