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Summit Cobra x4 Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Summit
Summit Model: Cobra x4
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Bought it..$220.00

Things I like about the Summit Cobra x4 Tree Stands: Nothing

What I don't like about the Summit Cobra x4 : I have a summit cobra x4 and I have a big problem with the stand! I had a loggy bayou which I havent gotten rid of THANK GOD! Because I really hate how the seat for the summit stand is only held up by a bungi that wraps around the tree? WHat if I need to stand up and the seet falls a couple of inches? The next complaint I have is the stupid plastic climbing stirrups, What the heck were they thinking...JUNK! Finally when youve managed to get yourself 20+ feet in the air you better hope that the bottom of the stand doesnt fall away from you as you sit down. Because aside from the steel cable which holds the bottom of the stand to the tree they only give you this dinky nylon cord with a PLASTIC CLIP (just to show you how concerned they are) to hold it (if it were to slip out from under you) from going all the way down the tree.....I cant even explain it, its retarded. All in all, they didnt give me all of the bolts I needed for the componentry, one of the plastic bushings was missing from the parts bag and IT COSTS 200 dollars, If I had some advice for anyone it would be NEVER GET A Summit, and If I had some advice for SUmmit it would be, TAKE LESSONS FROM LOGGY BAYOU! I cant believe anyone likes a summit!

Tree Stands Cobra x4 quality:

Cobra x4 summary:

Rating for this Summit product: 1

Author of this review on Summit Tree Stands: seets

Date: 2004-09-13

Usefulness Rating: 2.97143 out of 5.
35 reader(s) voted.

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