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Magellan SporTrak Pro GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Magellan
Magellan Model: SporTrak Pro
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: Scouting large areas of the Huge National Forest in North Georgia and getting back to the truck proved to be difficult with just a compass. I had to do smaller sections at a time or backtrack the same way out as I came in. The best option I could think of was a GPS but I have never used one before. I went to WalMart and picked up a Garmin Etrex Legend. This was a nice little unit for $180.00 tax included. The old saying of you get what you pay for kicked in after trying to locate satellites while in the woods with heavy foliage still on the trees. I remembered the Magellen unit I had looked at when buying the Etrex Legend. It had a "Quadrifilar Antenna". At first I thought "big deal". Now I think "BIG DEAL". I walked around inside the house with both units, even in the basement and the Garmin keep losing the satellite signal. The SporTrak didn't miss a beat and never went out once. I immediately returned the Etrex. The SporTrak Pro cost me $267.47 plus tax, which is $100.00 more than the Etrex Legend. More features, better quality and it hasn't yet lost the signal in the woods under the dense foliage. I love this unit.

Things I like about the Magellan SporTrak Pro: The satellite connection is excellent. Very user friendly. Lots of memory (32MB total). Buttons are easy to use and are below the screen instead of above or on the sides of the unit which makes it much more comfortable than the Etrex Legend which is designed for left hand use (I am a Lefty).

What I don't like about the Magellan SporTrak Pro: The Mapsend Software is very expensive ($150.00) as opposed to Mapsource (Garmin $89.00) but is supposed to be the best available. I have not gotten it yet but hope to get it soon. The website does not include MSRPs like Garmins website, which makes it difficult when trying to compare with other brands.

SporTrak Pro quality: The overall construction and quality is very good. I have not dropped it yet but I am sure I will. Buttons are well placed and easy to use. The "pad" is much easier to use than the Legend's "joystick". The unit is a little bit bigger than the Extrex series but I think it is because it has a bigger antenna. The screen is big and easier to see than the Etrex Legend. I cut a piece of clear packing tape and put it over the screen, this helps to protect it from scratches and can be replaced.

SporTrak Pro summary: This is a great unit and well worth the money. If you have a Garmin Etrex, trade it in for a SporTrak Pro.

Rating for this Magellan product: 5

Author of this review on Magellan GPS: Vincent

Date: 2004-09-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.71429 out of 5.
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