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Garmin Extrex GPS Vista GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Garmin Extrex GPS
Garmin Extrex GPS Model: Vista
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: GPS My family has a place in Alaska where we vacation and go hunting. As most people know, Alaska is a place you cannot afford to get lost, so I started looking for a GPS for hunting/hiking and for flying (I'm a pilot also). I found a great steal on The Vista and Mapsource TOPO software for about $250 with rebates applied. Because of my flying experience, I was used to Garmin products, reliability, and ease of use. Garmin makes excellent products.

Things I like about the Garmin Extrex GPS Vista GPS: The Etrex Vista comes with everything. Already installed basemap (major roads) of North America. Electronic Compass--which you can use when unable to get a satellite hook up. Downloadable maps---topo and roads. 24 MB of memory, which means you can have 50-70 maps stored on your Vista. It also has a computer page which means you can have alot of information at once, which is great for flying. It is small, which is great for packing/hiking long distances. And if you go to garmin's website, you can update the software for free. Great constumer service. Best of all---only 2 AA batteries to operate.

What I don't like about the Garmin Extrex GPS Vista: It also goes through AA batteries quickly. You can turn the compass off and save a little power. But, just take two extra batteries. Also, the screen is black and white--not color (if you really care).

GPS Vista quality: Construction is great. Quality is great. The mapping software (Mapsource)could use a lot more work. I did have a screen malfunction--called garmin--I sent it to them for warranty work--and had it back within a week, with all my information transfered to a new unit. Great constumer service.

Vista summary: A truly top of the line unit in a small package. The only way garmin can improve is to make it more power efficient and a color screen--but then the battery problem again. I carry this unit everywhere---driving, flying, and hunting.

Rating for this Garmin Extrex GPS product: 5

Author of this review on Garmin Extrex GPS GPS: The Preacher

Date: 2004-09-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.05421 out of 5.
535 reader(s) voted.

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