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Game Vu Deer Camera 35 mm Scouting Camera Trail Cameras (g-l)

Trail Cameras (g-l) Manufacturer: Game Vu Deer Camera
Game Vu Deer Camera Model: 35 mm Scouting Camera
Review Category: Trail Cameras (g-l)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (g-l) I hunt well North of my home(2 hours) and can't run up there as much as I like. Evening scouting is out of the question on a work night. I picked them up at Mill's Fleet and Farm. Paid $130 each.

Things I like about the Game Vu Deer Camera 35 mm Scouting Camera Trail Cameras (g-l): I have enough electronic gadgets to know how to use and remember passwords. I don't want the world of electronics to enter into my hunting experiences so I bought the most simple camera I could find and this was it. The belt or strap it comes with fastens to the tree nicely keeping it real secure.

What I don't like about the Game Vu Deer Camera 35 mm Scouting Camera: The color stands out a little too much. I'm not worried about animals seeing it. I just don't want other people in the woods to see it. I'm considering buying some of the new made for plastic paint I see advertised on tv. The bad part is it's too late to paint them this year and not leave scent all around.

Trail Cameras (g-l) 35 mm Scouting Camera quality: The price is low compared to most so I'm sure it's not the most rugged deer camera out there. Their doing their jobs though.

35 mm Scouting Camera summary: There's still another month to go until the season kicks in. The deer camera has alredy helped me settle between two different areas of the property I was going to hunt. To be honest the area I thought was the hot spot is the one doing the poorest from the camera. The other I was not sure about is the one I will be at when the seasons open up.

Rating for this Game Vu Deer Camera product: 4

Author of this review on Game Vu Deer Camera Trail Cameras (g-l): Mike Rethoni Wasau, WI

Date: 2003-09-12

Usefulness Rating: 3.22454 out of 5.
383 reader(s) voted.

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