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carbon revolution speed pro Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: carbon revolution
carbon revolution Model: speed pro
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows Purchased from a local archery dealer. Purchased because of appearant speed difference from what I was currently using (major speed difference "off the string").

Things I like about the carbon revolution speed pro Arrows: The arrows are lighter than my other arrows, which are GOLD TIP 5575 arrows. This allows me to reduce the draw weight that I pull (draw weight went from 75 lbs. to 60 lbs.). This was good.

What I don't like about the carbon revolution speed pro : I didn't like the fact that even though the Speed pro arrows have a faster "off the string" speed (Gold tip = 258 fps @ 60lbs. Speed pro = 299 fps @ 60 lbs), they seem to lose more speed at a 25 yrd. or longer shot. ie. If the Speed Pro arrow is dead on at appr. 28 yrds, the Gold Tip arrow seemingly hits consistantly about 6 in. high though I use the same sight pin. This would indicate that the gold tip is maintaining its speed for a longer distance. I came to the conclusion that maybe the arrows lack of weight started to actually work against itself (the arrow was so light that the air itself slowed it down). And the heavier Gold Tip arrow, because of its weight, maintained its momentum which in turn caused it to maintain its speed. Also the arrows are super costly ! ! !

Arrows speed pro quality: The Speed Pro arrow is not tough at all. "It seems to not have any back bone". The roundness of the arrow is supposedly very good, which for hunting this doesn't really matter.

speed pro summary: The bottom line is... The arrow is to expensive. It is not durable enough to hunt with. It doesn't seem to maintain its Fast "string speed" over longer distances, which I believe effects arrow penetration, thus effecting "clean kill ability. I think I'll go back to my Gold Tips.

Rating for this carbon revolution product: 3

Author of this review on carbon revolution Arrows: Tim Ditmore

Date: 2004-10-05

Usefulness Rating: 2.06504 out of 5.
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