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Thompson/Center Arms Encore 209 x 50 Magnum Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Thompson/Center Arms
Thompson/Center Arms Model: Encore 209 x 50 Magnum
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I was looking for a good black powder gun for my 12 year old son. I went to Paul's Discount (a local sporting goods store) and seen a friend who is by all standards a black powder expert. Rick (my friend) recommended I start him off with a simple black powder gun that would grow with him and is easy to clean. Almost as an after thought he recommended an Encore 209 x 50. He had several new ones, but also had a used one that had been traded in for a newer stainless model. Upon inspecting it I was amazed that it was in almost perfect shape. He let my son take it home and try it out. Needless to say he liked it. The next day we haggled about the price and I took it home for $340.

Things I like about the Thompson/Center Arms Encore 209 x 50 Magnum Black Powder: There are several things I like about the Encore. Not the least of which is it's accuracy. It has a comfortable feel to it. When you shoulder it; it just falls into place. I believe this to be because of the pistol grip stock and wide fore arm. Versatility is also high on my list of attributes of this gun. We bought a 30/06 barrel to go along with it. As the add said "two minutes one screw; new gun." In this configuration it is an awesome center fire rifle. They make shot gun barrels for them also. The sights on the muzzle loader barrel are outstanding. They are a high visibility fiber optic type that affords you an extra 20 minutes of hunting in low light conditions. Reliability, is also a major selling point. I've owned several types of black powder guns, over the last twenty years; and know the industry has came a long way in this department. With this said I would say with all confidence that the Encore is the most reliable of them all. My son killed a deer at 152 yards in a drizzling cold rain last December. We sat between two rolls of hay in a field for 6 hours before he made that shot. The gun was in the weather the whole time. I know other brands will do the same thing; but this gun has never failed to do the job regardless of rain, snow or any other condition we have thrown at it. Last and certainly not least; ease of cleaning. You do not have to take the gun apart to clean. Just open the barrel. Twist the primer holder and remove the breech plug. Then your ready. No taking off the barrel or worrying about losing screws. I cannot put into words at the ease this gun cleans and goes back together.

What I don't like about the Thompson/Center Arms Encore 209 x 50 Magnum: There is very little to dislike about this gun. One thing that comes to mind is the price. We bought ours used, but a new one is well over $500. However the price is easier to swallow when you figure in the money you save when only having to buy barrels instead of whole guns for other seasons. I like a heavy gun myself; but a fluted barrel would be a nice addition for those who do a lot of hiking in the mountains. I also would like to see a version of this gun that would be cable of shooting smokeless powder (like the Savage). After reading this understand that these are very minor complaints on my part. Over all I really like this gun and would not hesitate to recommend it for any one looking for a reliable; accurate black powder rifle.

Black Powder Encore 209 x 50 Magnum quality: This gun is very well made. It has a quality feel about it. It breaks open easily and close's back tight. There is a lot of attention paid to every detail. The trigger is a nice adjustable unit for instance. The sights fold down. I can go on and on. This gun was well thought out and put together with pride. Bravo to who ever designed it.

Encore 209 x 50 Magnum summary: Over all this is one of the best black powder guns on the market. It is easy to use for the beginner as well as the seasoned black powder hunter. It cleans up in a breeze and is as reliable as any gun you can carry into the woods. If you are looking for a good Black powder gun that will adapt to every season; then this is your gun. With this being said there is always room for improvement and I can't wait to see how the people at T/C are going to top this model.

Rating for this Thompson/Center Arms product: 4

Author of this review on Thompson/Center Arms Black Powder: Troy Meece

Date: 2004-10-07

Usefulness Rating: 4.70213 out of 5.
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