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crimson talon 125 grain Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: crimson talon
crimson talon Model: 125 grain
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads i purchased my broadheads from cabelas for roughly $30 for 3 heads. the reason neaded new aquipment mine was 10 years old. and to go with my new easton carbon arrows.

Things I like about the crimson talon 125 grain Broadheads: the massive amounts of blood where the broadhead hit. i had one shot that hit the front of the shoulder and blew right through the doe. another shot i had i hit a little high and it hit bone but just pooled blood under the deer. the other shot i had made hit the shoulder bone at 20 yards and still managed to go throuh the bone and into the deer about 6 inches.

What I don't like about the crimson talon 125 grain: when you hit bones and hard areas the blades have a tendancy to break. of the three shots above i will have to replace the blades on two of them.

Broadheads 125 grain quality: besides the blades the heads held up to the hard hitting that i put them through.

125 grain summary: i think they are a little expensive but if i could do it again i would still purchase the crimson talen 125 gr. broadheads again.

Rating for this crimson talon product: 4

Author of this review on crimson talon Broadheads: Big J. from carsonville, mi

Date: 2004-10-14

Usefulness Rating: 4.72549 out of 5.
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