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Thompson Center Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Thompson Center
Thompson Center Model: Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder Item purchased from TNT Tackle II PAID: $469 plus tax (retails for much higher!)and got a free $21 fanny pack from the shop too!

Things I like about the Thompson Center Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock Black Powder: This black powder firearm surpasses any we have fired! In a recent turkey shoot-it outshot rifle calibers such as 222, 223, 22-250 and 22 hornet,ect. at 40 yards while shooting freehand! Everyone was amazed! Last weekend we outshot and Austin Halick, a T/C Black Diamond, and a White muzzleloader freehanded while they were on a benchrest! AWESOME Two thumbs up for the accuracy and reliability of the new T/C Omega 50 cal. with the rosewood thumbhole stock design! The newly designed,comfortable, stock definitely improves the stability and accuracy of this forearm tremendously! The accuracy of this firearm with Powerbelt brand bullets is not matched by anything we can find on the market today! we are shooting 3 shot groups under a nickle at 75 yeards and 5 shot groups under a the size of a quarter at 125 yards with the accuracy and reliabilty easily topping 200+ yards! We also own a sporting goods shop and every single one of our customers is 200% please with this black powder firearm. It is definitely tops in it's class! Everything is awesome about this firearm-right from the cleaning up, assembly and firing! Use of a Hopope's or Gunmate boresnake aid in field cleaning in less than 2 minutes! Five star rating! BUY ONE!!!!

What I don't like about the Thompson Center Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock: Absolutely flawless in design and performance!!!!!!

Black Powder Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock quality: Rosewood laminate thumbhole stock Stainless steel barrel great fiber optic sites drilled and tapped to receivce scope comfortable weight simple assembly-disassembly

Omega 50 Cal with thumbhole stock summary: BUY ONE!!!!!!!! see initial comments above!

Rating for this Thompson Center product: 5

Author of this review on Thompson Center Black Powder: Kim-TNT Tackle II

Date: 2004-10-17

Usefulness Rating: 4.7707 out of 5.
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