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Easton XX75 Arrows Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: Easton
Easton Model: XX75 Arrows
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I bought my first set of Easton XX75 arrows at a local bow shop called Timberline Archery. If I remember correctly, I paid about 50 dollars for a half dozen arrows. I purchased the XX75 arrows because I needed new arrows and Timberline Archery no longer carried my old arrows.

Things I like about the Easton XX75 Arrows Arrows: I like the Easton XX75 arrows because they have a thin, sleek design. They are very narrow arrows and cut through the air better than my previous arrows. On a calm day,they fly in a nice, straight line without dropping or curving.

What I don't like about the Easton XX75 Arrows: The thing that I don't like about the XX75 arrows is that they seem to be a little too light. They are so light that the wind affects the flight of the arrow. They fly on a straight line with a light breeze, but with a stronger wind, they tend to move a little during flight.

Arrows XX75 Arrows quality: The Easton XX75 arrows are constructed well. They are very durable and don't bend easily when weight is applied to them. The ends of the arrows hold broadheads and field tips tightly and securely.

XX75 Arrows summary: The Easton XX75 arrows are very durable and are a nice, light arrow that fly on a straight line on a calm day.

Rating for this Easton product: 4

Author of this review on Easton Arrows: BowHunter

Date: 2004-10-19

Usefulness Rating: 4.06977 out of 5.
43 reader(s) voted.

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