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nature vision game vu digital camera Cameras & Accessories

Cameras & Accessories Manufacturer: nature vision
nature vision Model: game vu digital camera
Review Category: Cameras & Accessories

Purchase: I purchased the unit from Eders hunting magazine. It was around $400.00.

Things I like about the nature vision game vu digital camera: I like absolutely everything about the camera! I've recently gotten pictures of some huge bucks, and if it weren't for the camera, I would have never believed it. Some of my friends have the kind that uses film, and they have to wait to get the film developed, were as all I have to do is hook my little tv up to it, and I automatically have the pictures. I have almost as much enjoyment checking my camera as I do bow-hunting!!!!

What I don't like about the nature vision game vu digital camera: The only thing that I don't like about the camera, is that you have to take the bottom cover off, to attach the cable from the tv to set the camera up and when you are finished with making sure that it is pointing in the right direction, you have to be careful when putting the cover on so that you don't lose the best way that it is pointing.

game vu digital camera quality: The unit is constructed very well. It's rugged and the weather conditions wheter it is raining or snowing, doesn't affect it's ability to operate.

game vu digital camera summary: I think the game vu camera is an excellent camera to have, it's very dependable and you don't have to run to the photo store to have the film developed. Just take your handheld tv and head toward your camera!

Rating for this nature vision product: 5

Author of this review on nature vision Cameras & Accessories: GK

Date: 2004-10-31

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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