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Game tracker First cut expandable 100gr Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Game tracker
Game tracker Model: First cut expandable 100gr
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads Purchased at Galyans Sporting goods, purchased because they didn't have my normal broadheads, thought I'd try something different.

Things I like about the Game tracker First cut expandable 100gr Broadheads: I liked the look and the concept of the Razor Blade tip

What I don't like about the Game tracker First cut expandable 100gr : I shot a BIG buck with this broadhead last night. I hit him exactly where I aimed, but his left front leg was back. This broadhead hit the leg bone and STOPPED. The razor blade tip actually curled over like a "J" and didn't even penetrate the bone. The arrow fell off as he literally walked away. I shot this buck at 20 yards with a 400+ gr carbon arrow with a bow clocked at 316fps. I am LIVID about this. The broadhead will be returned today. The last broadheads I shot actually shattered a front leg bone on the last buck I shot, and still passed thru. That broadhead was the Rocket Aerohead, steelhead 3blade 100gr. I will never shoot another broadhead again besides that broadhead. This game tracker product is crap.

Broadheads First cut expandable 100gr quality: construction is expandable 2 blade, with 1-3/8" cutting diameter. Razor blade tip, not machined pathfinder tip.

First cut expandable 100gr summary: This product is a waste of money, and unless hit perfectly, will mame, not kill your game. Had the broadhead shattered the bone, like it should have, it would have been a perfect heart/lung shot. Do not buy this product.

Rating for this Game tracker product: 1

Author of this review on Game tracker Broadheads: PO'd hunter

Date: 2004-11-01

Usefulness Rating: 3.89474 out of 5.
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