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Berkley Hook Sharpener Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Berkley
Berkley Model: Hook Sharpener
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip I need a new back pack before archery sets in so here goes nothing. The only new piece of equipment I've bought lately is a hook sharpener. My old one dissappeared during my divorce which is a lot of the reason I haven't bought anything lately. It was all worth it, but that's another story.

Things I like about the Berkley Hook Sharpener Fishing Misc Equip: With the exception of a little cleo or two I throw Rooster Tails almost exclusively. After a few trips out from being in the water they lose some of their bite and that's where the little Berkely comes in. It does a good job of brining the hook back to life, nothing will make it new again, but at least it brings the point back to average.

What I don't like about the Berkley Hook Sharpener: The sharpener is fragile and sometimes you acutally wonder if the hook is getting the best of the sharpener. It's also a little difficult getting down on a three prong hook.

Fishing Misc Equip Hook Sharpener quality: I guess you have to ask yourself how well they can make such an item. What I mean to say is you cant walk up with a bench grinder. I just always fret about small plastic objects.

Hook Sharpener summary: It does a decent job, if I had more money I would probably buy a top of the line model, but that seems to be gone anymore. My advice to the youngsters out there is don't get married.She can't take my fishing away from me.

Rating for this Berkley product: 3

Author of this review on Berkley Fishing Misc Equip: Single and Poor.

Date: 2003-09-16

Usefulness Rating: 3.83333 out of 5.
12 reader(s) voted.

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