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Tree Lounge Tree Lounge Gun Hunter Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Tree Lounge
Tree Lounge Model: Tree Lounge Gun Hunter
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I purchased this stand about 2 years ago and paid 349.00 for it . I see it is a little cheaper right now at 279.00 . I wanted a stand that is comfortable enough to stay all day and thats exactly what it is

Things I like about the Tree Lounge Tree Lounge Gun Hunter Tree Stands: Comfortable , ability to hunt high, and safety was a key factor.

What I don't like about the Tree Lounge Tree Lounge Gun Hunter: The only problem is that it is bulky, heavy and a little hard setting up in the dark. I leave mine as a permanent stand in the woods.

Tree Stands Tree Lounge Gun Hunter quality: Its is one of the finest on the market as for construction and quality. The thing i liked about it was the ability to hunt high and hunt safe. It comes with a four point harness as of this year

Tree Lounge Gun Hunter summary: If it werent for cost , it would be the only stand i would own

Rating for this Tree Lounge product: 4

Author of this review on Tree Lounge Tree Stands: Jay

Date: 2004-11-09

Usefulness Rating: 4.125 out of 5.
16 reader(s) voted.

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