Choosing Dental Implants over Dentures

So you’ve just had some teeth extracted. Maybe a tooth suffered irreparable damage. Or maybe because of some gum problems. Either way, this is when you start thinking of getting a replacement for the extracted tooth. A good advice is to forgo dentures despite how dental crown cost brisbane these days.

Sometimes people have doubts whether they need dental implants or not. Just had a simple and cheap wisdom teeth removal? Then there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not like anybody can tell if you got rid of them already.

But if it’s a molar? Maybe a loss can be ignored. After all, a missing molar won’t be very obvious. Might be difficult to chew food though, unless if you can live with a soft diet.

Any of the front teeth got taken out? That certainly requires something to replace those teeth. Nobody wants to go around with a visible gap in their smile. That’s when the dentist will recommend dentures or implants.

But why go for dentures? Dentures which can be cheap, or implants which are far more permanent?

The Old Traditional Solution

Since time immemorial, the best solution for lost teeth has been dentures. In the early days, dentures have been made from wood, ivory, gold or even animal teeth. For a very long time, this was the only solution that allows a person to resume life without the difficulties of missing teeth.

It’s usually preferred for being a very cheap option. In comparison, dental crown cost brisbane more than dentures. With the cost of tooth extraction, it’s easy to see why anyone would prefer to save money. The problem is, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean saving money.

Dentures made by cheap dentists are always with a one-size-fits-all mold. But not every mold can be used for everyone. Dentures have the unique fittings for the person they are meant to be for. Improperly fitted dentures are either too tight that they cause pain for the wearer or too loose that it falls off. See more at Fix Dental

The Better and Permanent Solution

A more permanent solution would be dental implants. These would be surgically drilled into the jaw to keep them in place & usually made with titanium. Unlike dentures which are expected to last for years, dental implants lasts for decades and even a lifetime.

Being secured to bone, implants are far more reliable. Implants never slip out, so it won’t cause any embarrassments by falling off. It’s always fitted perfectly so there won’t be any discomfort, even when biting down on tough meat.

The best thing about implants? It’s far more affordable than dentures. It might have a higher price tag upfront, but when maintenance and repairs are factored in dentures end up costing more. Not to mention that dental implants does the job far better than dentures can ever be.

The Bottomline

Losing your teeth can be unavoidable. That doesn’t mean you have to lose your smile. Don’t be put off by how pricey dental crown cost brisbane nowadays. See the better benefits it can provide and you’ll never be camera shy ever again. You may visit for more details.

Post Author: Joey McCoy