Find an auto injury doctor after a car accident immediately

Many people in Atlanta fail to see an Atlanta orthopedic specialist or other injury doctors right after a car accident. This is because some injuries don’t obviously manifest in some instances. Some people even don’t feel much pain until a few hours. Thus, they don’t feel the need to see a doctor for help.

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The problem is, some factors, such as panic and trauma, can hide pain and other symptoms for a short time during and after a car accident. And, delaying medical consultation and check-ups can cause complications and infections to the patient. Moreover, it can affect the validity of legal and insurance claim.

How a car injury doctor can help after a road accident

Road accidents can happen every now and then. Now, you should know how an auto injury doctor can help you after such mishaps.

Provide immediate care for injuries

An injury doctor specializes in diagnosis and treatment of different physical injuries. They can submit you to a series of deep examination, such as X-ray, computerized tomography (CT) scan, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for proper diagnosis. This is to know the full extent of the effects of an accident on your body. They can identify any hidden injuries you might have, which can help in providing immediate medical intervention for you. Click here AICA Orthorpedics

Such as in cases of whiplash, for example, symptoms may take up to a few hours to show. This is because panic and adrenalin rush can mask the injuries you’ve acquired on your neck area.

However, delaying whiplash treatment can potentially cause serious complications, such as muscle inflammation on the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas. And, an injury doctor can diagnose such problem for proper treatment before it gets worse.

Provide legal advantage

Immediately seeing an injury doctor after a road accident can also give legal advantages.

Show you’ve acquired serious injury

Seeking an Atlanta orthopedic or another injury doctor right away is a gesture that you’ve really acquired a serious injury. Any delays give the chance for insurance companies to question the severity of your injury in relation to the accident.

For example, you’ve had an accident at 1:00pm. Then, you’ve consulted an injury doctor around 4:00pm, showing that you’ve acquired internal swelling. The insurance company can question the 3-hour delay, raising the possibility that you’ve got your injury from a different reason.

Get the insurance or compensation amount you deserve

A car accident doctor can provide medical records that show your entire health condition. This can help you in making insurance and compensation claims, which can cover your treatment and other medical necessities.

Such specialist can list down all the specific details of the injuries and complications you’ve acquired. Then, you and your injury lawyer can use such detailed records for legal proceedings, so you can get the best possible amount of compensation.

Be sure to find an injury doctor after you encounter a car accident. That’s regardless if you feel any pain and discomfort or not. That can help you receive immediate and proper treatment.

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Post Author: Joey McCoy