Walking – The Secret to Your Dog’s Healthy and Happy Life

Just like humans, dogs also need regular exercise. It is beneficial and can bring joy to your furry friends. A great way to start your animal companion’s journey to a healthier lifestyle is through walking. It may sound simple but this uncomplicated activity plays a major role in your dog’s life. This can also be a wonderful bonding experience with your pet. However, if you don’t have time, you may ask the assistance of a Gold Coast dog walker.

A Dog Walker’s Job

Individuals are paid to take the dog out for a walk. They pick up and return your pet home at your agreed time. Dog walkers are also responsible for feeding your pet during their time together. The person in charge also makes sure that your dog is clean before they return it to you. Moreover, they should have complete control and be comfortable around dogs so your animal companions can experience the best dog walks in Brisbane.

Importance of Walking for Your Dog

The general lifespan of a dog ranges from about 8 to 14 years depending on the breed, but through regular walking, it can be extended. One huge benefit your dog can get through constant walking is better health. Engaging in dog walks Gold Coast activity a few times a week can lower their blood pressure, improve their cardiovascular fitness, and strengthen their bones and muscles. Dogs that are more physically fit will surely live longer.

Mental stimulation is also essential to a dog. Your dogs are living beings too. They may not have complex thoughts and emotions like we do but still, they deserve to have a stress-free and happy life. A Gold Coast dog walker can contribute to your pet’s mental health by walking your dog through different routes or roads. Your dog may get bored with the usual look of your home or neighbourhood so this may give them a new perspective.

Developing social skills can also support a dog’s mental health. Walking is an opportunity for your furry companion to interact with other dogs and even people. This prevents possible anxiety or phobias that may occur without socialisation. To ensure dogs get a chance to mingle, some dog walker Gold Coast experts also offer group walks.

Things to Remember When Walking a Dog

Dog walking is a good training ground for your animal companions to learn acceptable behaviour. A dog walker should walk in front of the dog – serving as the pack leader. This helps dogs follow simple direction and understand commands which they can, later on, apply even without a leash. When it comes to dog leashes, it is recommended to use a short one to ensure you have control over the dog. It’s also important to give the dog some time to sniff now and then. Healthy dogs need at least 30 to 60 minutes of walking daily.

Established Team of Dog Walking Professionals

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Post Author: Joey McCoy