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Bowtech MightyMite Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Bowtech
Bowtech Model: MightyMite
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I decided to purchase the 2004 Bowtech MightyMite after having a hard time tuning my Hoyt Vipertec. I purchased the bow at pelletiers sporting goods in Jaffrey, New Hampshire for $569.00

Things I like about the Bowtech MightyMite Bows: I really enjoyed how easy to setup and tune this bow was. I knew the moment I picked it up that The grip had a better profile and feel than my Vipertec and sat true in my hand. the bow is smooth drawing and has a solid wall due to the infinity cam stops. I was told that having a 29" draw length that the shorter axle to axle bows would be harder to tune and I would suffer accuracy, But I can honestly say that after I put my rest on and adjusted centershot to 13/16" per a Bowtech representative the bow shot a perfect bullet hole through paper on the first shot. I installed all other accesories and was grouping like I never have before. Broadheads and field points grouped perfect with no additional tuning which is hard to believe! The bow is real quiet and there is no Hand shock or vibration at the shot, Probably due to the new VFT (parallel limbs)that Bowtech introduced this year on the MightyMite.I am very happy with my purchase and hope Bowtech continues to have great customer service!

What I don't like about the Bowtech MightyMite: it is really hard to find any dislikes on this bow as it has tuned and shot better than any bow I have owned so far. If I had to make a complaint I would have to say that the camo seems like it would wear rather quickly but I have yet to take notice of any wearing!

Bows MightyMite quality: The bow is well constructed all bolts and connections seem solid. The cams do not have any stability issues and there are no creaks or noise when bow is drawn. I also believe Bowtech has great customer service which leads to another great point! I called their toll free number to ask a simple question about setting the centershot, spoke with a representative who answered my question in a polite friendly manner. He advised me if I had any issues or concerns not to hesitate to call or e-mail the company. I believe this is where alot of Bow manufactures are lacking.

MightyMite summary: I can honestly say that I believe the Bowtech MightyMite is a superb bow. I was hesitant to buy another short axle to axle bow after what I was told, but this bow shoots like a 36" axle to axle bow and I am truely happy that I can now shoot and hunt without major tuning concerns!

Rating for this Bowtech product: 5

Author of this review on Bowtech Bows: Jay

Date: 2004-11-14

Usefulness Rating: 3.31818 out of 5.
176 reader(s) voted.

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