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Browning Hydro Suede Jacket Hunting Outerwear

Hunting Outerwear Manufacturer: Browning
Browning Model: Hydro Suede Jacket
Review Category: Hunting Outerwear

Purchase: Hunting Outerwear My old suit had worn out many years ago and I kept putting off buying a new one. I used to wear the old one piece coveroll in fluorescent orange. Since I decided to treat myself I decided to go with the best which in my eyes is Browning. The way I look at it is I don't get enough time to spend hunting and fishing so I my's well enjoy every second of it.

Things I like about the Browning Hydro Suede Jacket Hunting Outerwear: I went with the camo jacket so I can wear it fishing as well. I know you're not supposed to, but I've been wearing it run errands around the house, or at least back when it was cold I was. It is warm, and no matte what they tell you I still think goose down is the warmest of any insulation. The reason I went with the suede is it's quiet. Nothing disturbs me worse than hearing my own hunting clothing move when I'm listening for something else.

What I don't like about the Browning Hydro Suede Jacket: The price, you notice I didn't mention having the bib portion. I bought some cheap bibs to go with it for the time being. Maybe when my tax check comes I'll get the bibs. For now I'm happy with the jacket.

Hunting Outerwear Hydro Suede Jacket quality: quite well made. Browning has an excellent reputation for quality and only puts quality features in any product they sell.

Hydro Suede Jacket summary: Splurge and you'll be happy you did. Something like this is an investment, that you should have a long, long, while.

Rating for this Browning product: 4

Author of this review on Browning Hunting Outerwear: Tim O'hara- Burlington VT

Date: 2003-09-26

Usefulness Rating: 3.11628 out of 5.
215 reader(s) voted.

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