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Mathews LX Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Mathews
Mathews Model: LX
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I bought my Mathews LX in June of 2003. After doing some research on several bows, an asking a lot questions at various shops, and actually shooting the bows. I found that the LX was the bow for me. The LX shot better than the other bows that I tested, Hoyt, PSE, Alpine. Some of the main reasons I selected the LX over the other bows was the arrow speed, less vibration, and I liked the HP Cam the LX offers, plus the finish is great on this bow. The price on this bow completely decked out was in the $800.00 range.

Things I like about the Mathews LX Bows: There is so much to like about the LX it is hard to say what is most important. First the LX is a quality built bow and this was evidenced from the first time that I shot it. The bow does not torque when you release the arrow, it holds very steady which makes it a winner when you are looking down from your tree stand at a Big Buck, and know that all you have to do is squeeze the release and the bow will do the rest. I have taken several Whitetail Deer, one being an 8 pointer with an 18" spread. I shot this Buck in the heart area with the arrow doing a complete pass through, he only went about 50 yards before going down. I have shot other deer with my LX with the results being very positive, I have taken a total of 6 deer, with all arrows doing a complete pass through, I have only lost one deer and it was on a shot that was low and back, bad decision on my part, I should have waited for a better shot before shooting. I have taken 6 Turkeys with my LX, and is that ever a thrill one will always remember. The LX is simply stated a great Hunting Bow. This is a very fast bow which makes it easy and fun to hunt with. To me speed means a lot, especially when you are shooting out to 50-60 yards, which I do with this bow. That may sound a bit long for some, but with practice the LX can do the job at these distances.

What I don't like about the Mathews LX: I can't find anything to dislike about the LX, it offers everything that I want and like in a quality bow.

Bows LX quality: The LX is a quality constucted bow, with quailty parts through out. For instance, the Zebra string, it is one of, if not the best string on the market. The roller guard is a great feature and with the roller bearing on this unit, it is way ahead of the standard cable guard. I have shot my LX for 1 1/2 years and have never had the first problem with it. I looked at the Outback, and the new Switchback, but after making an assessment, of them, the LX is my bow of choice, this is one well built, and ready to go hunting, when you are bow.

LX summary: The whole archery thing is changing so fast it is impossible for the average hunter(person) to keep up with it. I can only say that the day I decided to go with the Mathews LX, was my lucky day. This bow is as fast you could ever want. My bow shoots 317 feet per second, using an Axis 400 arrow, set on 72 pounds. This combination coupled with a Grim Reaper broadhead makes for a deadly combination. Turkey season opens here in Georgia in about 10 weeks, guess where I'll be opening morning. Using as you might imagine, my Mathews LX. My Daddy alwasy told me, son if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

Rating for this Mathews product: 5

Author of this review on Mathews Bows: Charles Putnam

Date: 2005-01-06

Usefulness Rating: 4.45556 out of 5.
180 reader(s) voted.

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