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Black Widow Bow SA II Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Black Widow Bow
Black Widow Bow Model: SA II
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows Howdy Folks, I started out shooting recurves before there were compound bows. Then when the wheels came along I had to have one, like alot of people. I could tinker and adjust and tinker and adjust on compound after compound that I wore out or got tired of and sold. Don't get me wrong, I liked to tinker! But, I really got to longing for the simple shooting again. A friend of mine began shooting a Black Widow in about 1980 and I liked what I saw. So, off we went to where these bows are made, which is not far from where I live, and I bought one. A HS model I think, the one with the short metal riser and take down limbs. It was great! A 70 pounder! I really enjoyed shooting again. But, with a few more years on me and a shoulder operation later, it hurt me to pull it back and I didn't even enjoy it anymore. I gave it to my son and I bought another compound and used it. Now here is where the story gets good, at least to me. The year was around 2000, my son called me and wanted to know if I would like to go down to Black Widow with him, so he could get a tab. We went in the shop and the owner Mr.Ken Beck greeted us and Adam order his tab. And I went over to a whole rack of very good looking new model bows. I looked way too hard! And Mr.Beck turned to me and said, "You can shoot some bows if you'd like, that's why there out here". I picked up one, borrowed a tab, nocked an arrow, pulled it back and let it fly at their indoor target. WOW! The feeling was there again. And it didnt't hurt my shoulder. And the bow was smooth and it was FAST!! And it was only a 55 pounder, and I bought one and, ( I know that it's not a manly thing to say, but) I love it, and still to this day!

Things I like about the Black Widow Bow SA II Bows: My bow is a SAII grey bark 58"- #55@28" It's looks are impressive, with grey laminated limbs and riser, with red and black glass strips in the riser. perfect camo for the woods. Mr. Beck said ther are about 360 pieces glued together with the best of glues and wood used, under a very strict quality control process. The tips are made to handle a fast flight string, and the bow draws very smooth without any finger pinch. The riser shelf is radised and I seem to get great arrow flight off of it. And remember I said that my bow seemed to shoot fast? It out shoots my son's #70 lb. by 30 feet per second! And for my last impression of my bow, is that it's almost five years old now and I had it weighed down at Black Widow the other day, and it weighed in at #54.5@28". And I've Always left it strung-up! Now that's what I call a GREAT BOW!!!!!!!!!!

What I don't like about the Black Widow Bow SA II : I'm sorry. I dont't have any complaints. Well, unless me wanting a brand new Black Widow is a complaint!

Bows SA II quality: My bow is great looking, lost in the woods camo, good wood, good glue, good glass, good hard finish, hard hitting, high quality, great design, long lasting, and made by bowmen that know what shooting a bow is all about!

SA II summary: I would recommed a Black Widow bow to anyone that wants to shoot traditional equipment. You can't go wrong

Rating for this Black Widow Bow product: 5

Author of this review on Black Widow Bow Bows: Junior McMahan

Date: 2005-01-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.40854 out of 5.
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