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Bows Manufacturer: HOYT
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I bought my bow from WildCat Archery. I wanted a new bow, and I did a lot of research on different brands. The Hoyt V-Tec turned out to be the bow for me. I have about $1000.00 tied up in the entire set up including a new bow case.

Things I like about the HOYT V-TEC Bows: I bought this bow at 80lbs. I am a pretty big guy so I have no trouble handling 80lbs. The bow actually maxed out at 85lbs. The bow is very smooth and quiet--even at 80lbs. I have a 30 inch draw length, Muzzy Zero Effect, and Beman 300 arrows. Beman 300's at 28 inches (420 grains total weight) are being spit out of the V-Tec at 295fps. The bow is very fast.

What I don't like about the HOYT V-TEC: I like everything about the V-Tec. I do not have any dislikes. If I had to pick something, It would be arrows. By arrows--I mean that there is not very many companies that make carbon arrows weighted for 80lbs. The charts say that certain arrows will work, but most do not have enough weight to be safe to shoot. So my options are slightly limited when it comes to arrows. I plan on trying some of the Gold Tip big game 100+ arrows in the future.

Bows V-TEC quality: I have to tell ya the Hoyt V-Tec is built Tonka Tuff compared to my Mathews. I have owned several bows and the Hoyt V-Tec is built better than all of them hands down.

V-TEC summary: I bought this bow so that when I put my sights on a deer, there will be NO doubt of getting a clean pass through. At 83 KE, there is not an animal in North America that I can't take down with this bow. Big Hogs don't have a chance either. I like to have a little overkill on my side. The Hoyt V-Tec is a great Bow.

Rating for this HOYT product: 5

Author of this review on HOYT Bows: Joe

Date: 2005-02-07

Usefulness Rating: 4.65546 out of 5.
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