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Bear Archery Buckmaster BTR Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Bear Archery
Bear Archery Model: Buckmaster BTR
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I bought the bow at Wal-Mart for $183.00 plus tax. I also purchased: release, nock, shock reducer/stabilizer, whisker biscuit, 5 carbon arrows, and target practice points. Total cost apx. $275.00.

Things I like about the Bear Archery Buckmaster BTR Bows: What is there not to like? This is my first venture into bow hunting, and so far so good! Set-up was a breeze... The manual did not explain too much about fine tuning the bow, but luckily my father knows what he's doing. My father also shot the bow and he really likes it, so much that he's looking to buy one now! The bow is VERY quiet, and VERY accurate (after fine-tuning, i'm able to hit the center of the target consistantly).

What I don't like about the Bear Archery Buckmaster BTR: The only complaint I had about the bow has been resolved. The bow comes shipped from the factory at 29 inch draw and 70 pounds. 70 is quite a bit for me, especially since I NEVER shot a compound bow. A few turns of the allen wrench and that was taken care of.

Bows Buckmaster BTR quality: This bow is solid. The aluminum frame and carbon arms make it very light, and the size is perfect too.

Buckmaster BTR summary: The Bottom Line... If you're looking for a quality bow at a pretty good price, DEFINITELY consider buying the Buckmaster BTR. You can get the Buckmaster BTR-32, but from what i can tell there are not many differences (only the whisker biscuit which you can buy for less). From what I can tell, this same bow is marketed by a few different companies. The price is definitely a huge plus, but you also get features for the money. The bow is fast, very quiet, and should be able to bag the "big one."

Rating for this Bear Archery product: 5

Author of this review on Bear Archery Bows: Derek

Date: 2005-09-01

Usefulness Rating: 4.06084 out of 5.
263 reader(s) voted.

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