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Bowtech Extreme VFT 2004 Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Bowtech
Bowtech Model: Extreme VFT 2004
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I purchased this bow from bsb23hunter on ebay brand new. This bow is not being manufactured by Bowtech anymore so I had to find alternative means other than a shop in town.I paid $480 including shipping

Things I like about the Bowtech Extreme VFT 2004 Bows: This bow is the best bow I have ever shot!!!Quiet,the thump of the arrows on the target make more noise than the bow itself.Accurate,80 yard groupings of 6-8 inches with six arrows.Quality,excellent camo dip,high grade materials used,Excellent engineering,durable and light to boot.Powerful,I have seven pins 20 yards to 80 yards in 10 yard increments,those pins take up 1 1/2 inches of sight space!!!This and I am shooting a 393 grain arrow at 70#!!!

What I don't like about the Bowtech Extreme VFT 2004: None

Bows Extreme VFT 2004 quality: Best in material used to construct these bows.I have found this true with all of the Bowtech I have shot.

Extreme VFT 2004 summary: Bottom line this is an Excellent product.I try not to get caught up in brand wars I shoot what products have proven to me to be top shelf all-around.This bow mixes all the elements I find to be appealing Power,beauty and quality in one product.The price may be a distraction but lots of times you get what you pay for.This bow may also not be suitable for a beginning archer but that's my opinion.I thought the brace height might give me problems 6 5/8 but the axle to axle 34 1/16 seems to balence it out nicely.Overall this bow is top notch if you can fine one in good shape and are looking for a new bow this may be the one for you.Hope my 2-cents helps.

Rating for this Bowtech product: 5

Author of this review on Bowtech Bows: VB

Date: 2005-09-02

Usefulness Rating: 4.71664 out of 5.
727 reader(s) voted.

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