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Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants Hunting Outerwear

Hunting Outerwear Manufacturer: Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants
Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants Model:
Review Category: Hunting Outerwear

Purchase: Hunting Outerwear I purchaed two sets of this wool jacket and pants. One set was from Cabelas for 90.00/Ea. and the second was from the Sportsmans Warehouse for 76.00/Ea.. I use this type of clothing for hunting later season deer and elk. I have both the snow and brown camo pattern.

Things I like about the Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants Hunting Outerwear: The overall value of this wool is great. I have used other wool clothes from military surplus to Cabelas Outfitter series. I have some better wool "Filson", but it does not have a camo pattern. For the price this is the best wool I have found period. The pants have the right cut for riding in a saddle, and allow room for undergarments to fit comfortabley. The drawstring jacket waist keeps wind from getting under the jacket.

What I don't like about the Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants : The weave is a little looser then I would prefer, so hard wind will penatrate easier then better quality wool. The jacket is unlined, so again wind can penatrate easier. I have never had a problem with wind by layering clothing underneath. The camo pattern is not very broken up, and tends to run together on the brown. The brown colors are a good match, but are a little dark for plains type cover. The snow is a much better pattern for breaking up and blending in. The hood will cause the collar tips to get in the way of your bow string if not zipped up or tucked inside the jacket.

Hunting Outerwear quality: The jacket and pants are very well made. The buttons and zipper are very high quality with suspender buttons already in place. The padded knee and elbot area are perfect. If the jacket and maybe even pants were lined these clothes would come close to Sleeping Indian wool.

summary: You will not find a better quality wool pant and jacket for the money. These two items are very good quality, and will last for many years of hard use. Money well spent.

Rating for this Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants product: 4

Author of this review on Columbia Wool Jacket/Pants Hunting Outerwear: Ron Oules

Date: 2005-09-17

Usefulness Rating: 3.09444 out of 5.
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