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Darton Maverick Extreme Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Darton
Darton Model: Maverick Extreme
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I purchased my bow from a friend who deals Darton Archery equipment. Jerry Freking is his name, and he at one time was 7th in the IBO World. The bow itself cost me $540.00

Things I like about the Darton Maverick Extreme Bows: Jerry set my bow up with a HHA single pin sight, and a Trophy Ridge Dropzone rest. Jerry has given me shooting lessons, FORM, FORM, FORM.....good form = good shots = clean kills. My Darton Maverick Extreme is QUICKKK and Forgiving. If you like tight groups at 40 and 50 yards, I will be the first to say that its not the bow its the man shooting it, but its soo forgiving that if you have marginally good form you will shoot far better than you could ever imagine. Oh by the way it is one of the quietest bows that I have ever encountered.

What I don't like about the Darton Maverick Extreme : Some may like it light, but I like a little weight on my bow, it helps for a steady shot, the Maverick Extreme weighs in @ approx 3lbs 4oz a little light, but The Pros Far Excede this minor what I call a may like a light bow, and if you do then you'll fall in love, shoot one and see.

Bows Maverick Extreme quality: Recurve Limbs Aluminum Riser..Solid Limb Pockets (Quiet)Rubber Grips Freaky Huge Cams that are quick as greased lightning. Easily Tuned and Solid as a rock.

Maverick Extreme summary: Shoot one, you'll love it. Speed, Silence, and Solidity... I think that says enough.

Rating for this Darton product: 5

Author of this review on Darton Bows: Daniel Ely

Date: 2005-10-10

Usefulness Rating: 4.89286 out of 5.
28 reader(s) voted.

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