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Matthews Switchback Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Matthews
Matthews Model: Switchback
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I flew to Arkansa from Florida on a bow hunting trip and the airlines ruined my old Jennings Speedstar XLR in the process. Little Rock, Arkansas has a fantastic bow shop (Advantage Archery). They fixed my old Jennings Bow which I had never been able to reduce the noise level. After Advantaged Arhery worked with me and I was able to group arrows in their indoor range, I told them, "What the heck, I'll just give this old noisey Jennings Bow to my twin brother and buy the new Matthews Switchback bow", which they carried in the store. The Ripchord arrow rest is the best I've seen. The bow was approximately $640.00 and $520.00 for the remainder of the add-ons with carbon arrows. The service at Advantage Archery was Excellent, A+, Top-Notch, the best I have ever seen! They will stay with you once you enter the store until your are completely satisfied with the service or assistance they have provided you.

Things I like about the Matthews Switchback Bows: The Matthews Switchback bow is the most well engineered and precision manufactured bow I have ever shot. Every facet of this bow is well thought out and implemented. The bow has vibration dampners in the roller cable bracket, riser, and arrow quiver, The strings are silenced by their string stops. This bow is extremely quiet and very smooth.

What I don't like about the Matthews Switchback: Nothing! - Whats not to like!

Bows Switchback quality: The construction is first class with every attention to detail taken care of, including the riser and limb coating/paint, riser machining, with attachment points. The Cobra Straigtline Cam is very smooth with no minimal "Flat Spot" at let-off.

Switchback summary: This bow sets the standard of excellence for what the best hunting bow should be. I am not a tournament target shooter, but I demand a bow which will produce and deliver under the conditions I hunt. It is of great piece of mind and satisfaction when I invest in the best equipment available, that I can spend more time in the woods hunting with my son knowing that my bow is extremely reliable and will not let me down.

Rating for this Matthews product: 5

Author of this review on Matthews Bows: Florida Mike

Date: 2005-11-18

Usefulness Rating: 4.50909 out of 5.
220 reader(s) voted.

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