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BowTech Tribute 2006 Bows

Bows Manufacturer: BowTech
BowTech Model: Tribute 2006
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows Purchased unit from archery pro shop for MSRP of $699.00. Shot this bow, the Hoyt Trykon and Mathews Switchback XT, there was no comparison, this bow stood out in terms of recoil (or lack thereof), smoothness, fit/finish, quality, speed and most importantly quietness.

Things I like about the BowTech Tribute 2006 Bows: Speed: is probably middle of the road, but for an 8" brace height, it may be the best; at 29" draw, 65# and 365gr arrow, I shoot right around 300fps. My Mathews Switchback (identical setup) from last year shot about 280fps. Price: was about $200 less than many other top-tier bows. Quiet: hands down the quietest bow cabable of shooting an arrow faster than you can throw one. Recoil: I can actually shoot this bow without closing my hand around it and it will not bounce, I don't need to grip it until it's time to load another arrow, try that with a Trykon! Quality: Sets the benchmark. I used to be a HUGE Mathews fan and would not even consider something else, until I shot this.

What I don't like about the BowTech Tribute 2006: I couldn't compare it to a Kodiak bow, they may be the only brand out there actually challenging Bowtech, BUT they do have recoil.

Bows Tribute 2006 quality: Top end, nothing better from the top brands.

Tribute 2006 summary: Forget anything else, I guarantee every bow will look and perform like this one in about 5 years, or else BowTech WILL have a monopoly. It is an absolute "Tribute" to bowhunters.

Rating for this BowTech product: 5

Author of this review on BowTech Bows:

Date: 2006-03-30

Usefulness Rating: 4.66667 out of 5.
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