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Whisper Creek Archery Predator Magnum Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Whisper Creek Archery
Whisper Creek Archery Model: Predator Magnum
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I found out about this bow through a friend. Once I shot his I had to have one for myself. I found a local dealer that carried the bow (Bass, Bucks and Ducks Outdoors in West Monroe,LA) and it only cost me $299.

Things I like about the Whisper Creek Archery Predator Magnum Bows: The bow has a 24-29" draw length, 60-70# draw weight, and has an IBO speed of 305 fps. This bow has an axle to axle length of only 26"! The draw on this bow is the smoothest I've ever encountered, drawing back 70# is easier than drawing back 60# on my Mathews bow. Whisper Creek Archery (WCA) has by far outdone themselves. This little bow is a powerhouse packed with features that you will only find at WCA. They produce the quietest bows on earth. They back their bows with a lifetime guarantee and the service is unsurpassed.

What I don't like about the Whisper Creek Archery Predator Magnum: I have shot this bow at least a dozen times a day since I bought it (which has been over 2 months ago) and still have not found one thing to complain about. I have shot PSE, High Country, Mathews, Bow Tech, and Darton bows and have never been as impressed as I am with this bow. I am a believer in Whisper Creek Archery. Keep in mind this bow only cost me $299, they offer much more advanced bows for a higher retail that are even more quiet than the Predator Magnum, but still, this is the quitest bow I have ever shot.

Bows Predator Magnum quality: Whisper Creek has come up with a Bow Acuator that acts like a shock that absorbs the vibration thus the noise of the bow is absorbed as well. This bow has an alluminum riser with parallel limbs, the bow weighs in at only 3.3lbs. These bows are very well made, so much so that they even guarantee the string for life, find another bow manufacturer that will do that! The reason WCA can is because of the bow actuator.

Predator Magnum summary: Bottom Line, the Predator Magnum by Whisper Creek Archery has been a pleasure and has also made me a firm believer in WCA. You'll never catch me shooting another bow made by another bow manufacturer. I'm hooked, and I promise, once you've shot a Whisper Creek, you'll be hooked as well.

Rating for this Whisper Creek Archery product: 5

Author of this review on Whisper Creek Archery Bows: DocWest

Date: 2006-10-04

Usefulness Rating: 4.86905 out of 5.
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