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PSE Bruin Bows

Bows Manufacturer: PSE
PSE Model: Bruin
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I bought this equipment because my son wanted to learn to shoot archery. I had an Old Jennings my brother borrowed and he says got stolen from a storage unit. And so I got in a hurry for a quick buy. Went to Hi Tech Archery in Fullerton Ca. They had these fully loaded as a package deal. We both bought one and they cost 450.00 plus tax.

Things I like about the PSE Bruin Bows: This bow seems easy to draw, feels well built, has some easy adjustments so you don't have to keep running to the local archery shop being it is 15 miles from me. It is a good looking bow, and a good starter bow. I can destroy a tennis ball at the 30.yd marker.

What I don't like about the PSE Bruin: After purchasing and then looking around at what new technology is really out there, I feel this was way overpriced. There is a lot of hand shock, The bow is noisy. There must be a lot of snap from the string because I can't seem to keep the rubber tubing from the peep sight from breaking after about every 100 shots. Even the string dampners started breaking off.

Bows Bruin quality: No doubt that this bow is constructed to take punishment. Will probably last quite awhile if properly maintained.

Bruin summary: I purchased these two bows very quickly before looking around. I wanted to teach my sons how to shoot and the original bow I had (Jennings) which my brother was suppose to still have in his possession, supposedly stolen from one of his storage units. I love doing things with my sons, Now at ages 20 and 22. So when they wanted to learn archery I ran out and made these quick purchases without researching anything. The Bow was smaller, stronger and felt better to fire than what I remember of the Jennings. Since they came as a package they were ready to fire. After I had made the purchase, I then started doing research and found that I feel I was way overcharged. Then I went to another shop and was able to fire a whole selection of bows and feel that I had made a major mistake that is going to cost me more money. I will be selling these bows on EBAY Shortly. And I will be purchasing something that is much faster quieter and smoother. But I now have the time to put in a lot more research in and won't make the same mistake twice.

Rating for this PSE product: 2

Author of this review on PSE Bows: fiteagle

Date: 2007-08-18

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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