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Hoyt UltraSport Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Hoyt
Hoyt Model: UltraSport
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: I got this bow at Archer's Advantage in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was the previous years model (2005) when I purchased it for $450.00

Things I like about the Hoyt UltraSport: This bow shoots extremely well, it is pretty much a tac-driver if you practice with it enough. The cam and 1/2 system also helps out a lot with not having to tune the bow AS much as you would with a true two cam bow. The string that comes from the factory is decent, I would recomend if you have the money to get a custom string, but thats just me. Overall, this bow is very reliable and durable at the same time. I've dropped it from my treestand on accident, shot it and it turned out just fine!

What I don't like about the Hoyt UltraSport: This bow is a very good one overall, but it does have some weak points. I bought it with a prong style arrow rest, which I don't really like because of the noise and the possibility of the arrow falling off, so I installed a FastFlap to secure the arrow on the rest, however it does take a lot of time to reload with the Flap on, so don't count on doing great at the 3-D pop-up tourneys. I also wish it was a little bit quieter without the string dampeners and limbsavers, but with those on it, it doesn't make too much noise.

UltraSport quality: The construction quality of this bow is exceptional! As I said previously, I dropped it from a 12-foot tall tree stand and it survived with some minor scratches to the Realtree Hardwoods camo finish! It has, I think, a walnut handle and a padded leather-like surface for the bow to rest on the palm of your hand at full draw. The string has a good place to put your release on that hasn't worn down too much in the two years that I have had this bow. I haven't had any problems whatsoever with the durability of this bow and don't expect to in the future.

UltraSport summary: Overall, this is an excellent bow that I would recommend to anyone. The way that Hoyt built this bow was very good for both target shooting and hunting. As I said before, this thing is a tac driver and ready for anything that you throw at it. Go ahead and give it a try, you will not be disappointed! This was my first bow and I plan on keeping it for years to come!

Rating for this Hoyt product: 4

Author of this review on Hoyt Bows: Chip Shaw

Date: 2007-10-12

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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