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Bowtech 82nd Airborne Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Bowtech
Bowtech Model: 82nd Airborne
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I purchased this bow from Sportsmans Warehouse.I paid $829 for it after taxes.I have been shooting Bowtechs for a few years now and I am a fan.

Things I like about the Bowtech 82nd Airborne Bows: For the five years I have been shooting Bowtech bows I have never been disappointed in them.The craftsmanship and innovation are excellent and this bow is no exception.The 82nd Airborne is a speed and kinetic energy freaks dream come true and it has no shortage of bells and whistles. The riser on this bow is forged aluminium which maintains the intergity of the metals grain making very strong.The machining of the riser is clean and precise,bevels and edges are uniform and true. Limb pockets that have zero-tolorance so there is no limb wobble.The camoflauge is Realtree Hardwoods standard in what Bowtech calls Invelvet which feels rubbery and soft to the touch. This Invelvet is also supposed to act as a sort of insulation from the cold as well as a bow dampener.I do not know if this is a dip finish but it is high quality none the less it has a more open look to it great depth and is not so dark as some previous camos.There is also four other camos to choose from as well as three target colors.Bowtech has introduced their version of a roller guard with sealed bearings this helps raise fps and lower cable wear.Incorporated into this roller guard is a "Short Stop" that acts as a supressor system which stops and centers the string as well as absorbing vibration and noise.The most important aspect of the Shot Stop for me is that the arrow leaves the string at the same time consistantly which improves accuracy. Bowtechs come with Winners Choice strings standard which keep your peep right where it's supposed to stay.The 2008 Binary cams Like all the Binary cams are slaved to each other rather than to the limbs so they work in sync with one another,this makes timing issues pretty much non-existant,sealed bearings again in the cams make for a smooth operation.A drawstop on one of the cams makes for a solid full draw feel no backward creep.As with previous years these Binary cams have a module system for easy bow-press free draw length changes in lengths from 26.5" to 30.5' in half-inch increments and an adjustable let-off from 65% to 80%.The axle to axle is 36" and brace height is 6 1/8".So enough with the spec talk.How does this bow shoot?Awesome.This bow shoots as well as I have Come to expect from Bowtech. A nice crisp release no noticable lag or feeling of weightless-ness when you release this string it goes.Accuracy from the get go.The 36" ATA gives you some forgiveness even with a brace height of 6 1/8".I was getting 5" grouping at 80 yards fairly consistantly.Very flat arrow trajectory while I have not chronoed this bow yet I have seven pins 20 to 80 yards in 10 yard increments and they take up about 1 1/4" of sight window space.My arrows weigh 378 grains and I have a 28.5 draw length.Also fairly quiet for a bow that generates such speeds.

What I don't like about the Bowtech 82nd Airborne: while I sing the praises of this particular bow and while there is nothing that I do not like about this bow,I will offer my opinion about things that some people might have issues with. First in my opinion this is not a bow for the beginning archer.The 6 1/8" brace height alone makes this a much harder bow to shoot than one with a more generous brace height and while I'm sure that a beginner could learn to shoot this bow but the initial frustration could sour a beginners experience to archery,again this is just my opinion.A substitute if you still crave the speed could be the 101st Airborne also from Bowtech that is just a little slower but has a larger brace height and is more forgiving.A very important issue probably the most important is that you have to make sure that your arrow rest and arrow are absolutely centered to your string.You should get your shop to use a laser or some other type of devise to accomplish this.I tried to eye-ball this with the riser the arrow and the string and I was off everytime.Your will have right or left misses if you do not do this.Also you must have the Short Stop string supressor in the correct position on the string.One of the functions of the Short Stop is to center the string during the last millisecond of the release cycle if the Short Stop is not in the correct position it will pull your string off center and again you will have right or left misses.The correct position for the Short Stop according to one of the techs at Bowtech is one string width left of the center of the Short Stop,this is for a right-handed bow.I would suspect that for a left-handed bow the correct position for the Short Stop would be one string width right of the center of the Short Stop,but I'm not positive I would contact Bowtech.

Bows 82nd Airborne quality: Please,for Pete's sake look above.

82nd Airborne summary: The 82nd Airborne from Bowtech is an awesome shooter. Well balanced,excellent construction and quality materials makes this another Bowtech success.I am in all honesty really more concerned with keeping our sport alive than endorsing a company,so when I do endorse a company they have to in my eyes share that goal of promoting the advancement of our sport through innovation and quality but charity and goodwill as well.Bowtech I believe does this, which makes me inclined to talk highly of them.Good job.People reading this, shoot straight and have a good day.Hope this info helps.

Rating for this Bowtech product: 5

Author of this review on Bowtech Bows: V.Bent

Date: 2008-02-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.60369 out of 5.
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