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Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap Hunting Outerwear

Hunting Outerwear Manufacturer: Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo
Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo Model: Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap
Review Category: Hunting Outerwear

Purchase: Hunting Outerwear I purchased the Bibs and the Jacket from Cabela's for I think 74.95 whatever the catalog lists , and i recieved the shirt for Christmas.I also recieved the Boonie Cap as a gift. I have the woodland camo pattern.

Things I like about the Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap Hunting Outerwear: I love the fit and warmth of the Columbia Gallatin Wool The wool is soft and fits like a glove and is vary warm.I like the unlined design of the Columbia Wool as it goes on and off easily and does not bunch up on underclothing or while you are wearing it sitting down. I can wear it sitting in my cabin chair or walking and it feels great. I have other brands of wool that has an underlining that bunches up whenever you move.

What I don't like about the Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap: With the bibs the shoulder straps are too long and would be nice to have full or even knee high zippers in the legs for easy on and off over boots.Everything else I think is great.

Hunting Outerwear Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap quality: I especially like the heavy buttons that are fastened so well. They will last for a long time and not come loose. The shoulders and cuffs and all the seams are so well put together,I like them as well as some of the brands that are almost ten times as expensive. On the bibs there is a vary large center chest pocket on top that you can access with gloves on it will easily hold a couple sandwiches and your hunting calls..

Jacket / Bibs / Shirt / Boonie Cap summary: I have looked at the Columbia Gallatin brand clothes for several years thinking they would stink ols wool clothes and be itchy to wear,absolutely wrong. They do not hold any body odors and I can wear the shirt with only a T shirt and is so comfy. I have bought several brands of expensive camo insulated clothing and wish I had bought this from the start.It is the best I have worn for climbing trees hunting . I am soon getting the snow camo as well for late season bowhunting and skyline camo when the leaves are gone.I plan on purchasing the pants and would really like to see the Gallatin Wool expanded to also offer a longer parka ,a vest , and a wool cap with ear protection in the same camo.

Rating for this Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo product: 5

Author of this review on Columbia Gallatin Wool Camo Hunting Outerwear: Jeff Starck

Date: 2008-03-28

Usefulness Rating: 3.12857 out of 5.
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