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PSE Brute Bows

Bows Manufacturer: PSE
PSE Model: Brute
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I started with a used PSE Predator, two years ago. The Predator was my first bow, ever. It served me well, and if my boys were left handed, like me, I would keep it for them. I enjoyed using it, and had been considering the possibility of getting myself a new bow, but was having a hard time parting my wallet, since my current bow was doing me well, and money has been tight lately. I saw the PSE Brute, with the parallel limbs, and only wanted to shoot it out of curiosity. I did NOT intend to buy it, or anything else on the bow display, that day. My intention was simply some accessories! I fell in love with it. Bought it that day, and have taken it to the range a couple of times now. It is such a huge improvement over the Predator, that I had, I can hardly believe it. I bought it for $299.00. I spent $29.00 on a sight, $34.00 on a release aid, $15.00 on a silencer/stabilizer, and $7.00 on a peep sight. I transferred my whisker biscuit to the Brute, from the Predator, but my son just got a bow, too, and it has the Hostage on it, and I am thinking about that, too.

Things I like about the PSE Brute Bows: Very quiet bow. Great groupings, first time out, after getting pins set. Great upgrade to the previous bow, but I did NOT have to break the bank, to do it. Shot a couple of $700+ bows, and they were nice, but the price tags were too much for me, and this seems very comparable to the $700+ bows, and ne

What I don't like about the PSE Brute : It makes me want to shoot, more. I don't have enough time in the day, as it is!

Bows Brute quality: Seems to be as good, or better than some of the bows with the high price tags, without the sticker shock! Very solid, even with a fairly inexpensive stabilizer/shock absorber, it is very quiet, fast and smooth.

Brute summary: I haven't had it in the field, yet, just at the indoor range. However, I am looking forward to getting it outside. Just the improvement with indoor shooting, compared to old bow, is exceptionally impressive. I am not a pro. I likely never will be. I am simply a fairly new guy to archery, on a small budget, and seem to have found more than what I am looking for in a bow. I am also not on TV, trying to make a living by promoting my sponsor. I have no long term vested interest in giving this product an exceptionally high rating, I have no sponsor breathing down my neck to promote them!

Rating for this PSE product: 5

Author of this review on PSE Bows: Jeffry

Date: 2008-08-14

Usefulness Rating: 4.46667 out of 5.
15 reader(s) voted.

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