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High Country Max Xtreme Bows

Bows Manufacturer: High Country
High Country Model: Max Xtreme
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I originaly purchased this bow for the speed and it was the first one sold in Florida at that time. When I first set it up I wanted the 375 fps they advertised but it would not get even 270 fps. So we contacted High country and told them I paid $1000 for it and I wanted it the way they advertised or I would report them, so they sent a repersentative and He set it up. With the muzzy zero effect, 27" speed pro arrows, Predator sight, peep sight, release loop and then put the bow to 75 lbs draw weight with the 80% letoff which made it almost 20lbs which was awesome. Then after some fine tuning with draw length,I was punching arrows at 385 fps.It just took the company coming and standing behind their advertised product.I would just suggest that when you buy a bow, make sure you are getting what you pay for and if not call there bluff and make them prove it.I did not have to pay for anything extra because I had what they said was needed to match their testing speeds so I complained and they fixed after 3 years I am still over 370 fps and believe I still have the lightest and fastest bow on market.

Things I like about the High Country Max Xtreme Bows: I really like how it is so forgiving and the speed is great. It has an amazing LIFETIME WARRANTY on the riser, limbs, cams....everything

What I don't like about the High Country Max Xtreme: That the bow shoots so fast that I just can't see arrows til it hits target, but now using a tracer nock has allowed me to trace my arrow flight so I really don't have any complaints

Bows Max Xtreme quality: The Max Xtreme is super light being 2.2 pounds total.Comes on an incredibly strong, weatherproof, military grade carbon riser that features a semi-reflex for the perfect combination of speed and smooth forgiving shooting. Another benefit of this high performance bow is the comfort of the shot, which is made possible by the riser and the L.E.T. System, (Limb Equalization Timing) with Solid Vibra Damp S-D Tech Bushing System that reduces noise and vibrations by more than 20% when compared to standard systems. The Quad Loc Pockets with Super S-D Tech Pad also aid in shock reduction so each shot is smooth and quiet.

Max Xtreme summary: This is the bow that will hunt anywhere, after any game, under any weather condition. It will handle any arrow from lightweight carbon to heavy aluminum arrows with power. It is quiet, smooth, forgiving to shoot and is as shooter friendly as any bow I have ever shot. I know I have read all kinds of reviews about this bow, but I truly believe that if you hold a company to what they advertise then you can have the bow of your dreams.Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and demand top quality on everything.

Rating for this High Country product: 5

Author of this review on High Country Bows: James Hutto

Date: 2008-09-13

Usefulness Rating: 4.08333 out of 5.
12 reader(s) voted.

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