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Bear Archery Truth Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Bear Archery
Bear Archery Model: Truth
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I was in the market to update my hunting equipment. I started hunting again after a 12 year layoff. My 15 year old compound though still shootable just didn't make it. I wanted a flatter shooter and was going to switch to a release and peep site. I thought I was a good shot. I couldn't justify spending a lot of money so I spent a lot of time searching for a good bow at a good price. I found a new last year's model of the Bear Truth. The seller was an Outfitter getting rid of old stock at the end of the season. I paid $300. for the bow with draw length and pull set to my request.

Things I like about the Bear Archery Truth Bows: I received the bow near the end of January and decided tune it in my pole barn. After some time tuning and adjusting to me I felt ready to start some more serious shooting. I was already happily impressed with both the speed and smoothness of the Truth. The 70# draw and 80% let-off both made my old 60# 50% let-off bow extinct. My fifth shot with this bow left me with two less arrows. I now not only had a great looking bow I had a robin-hood arrow to show off. This wasn't my first but it sold me on the Truth and gave me the confidence for the next deer season.

What I don't like about the Bear Archery Truth: I did add an string stop this year which improved the feel and removed the after-shot shock. I was motivated to try this based upon the newer design of the Truth 2.

Bows Truth quality: I spent hours comparing and researching bows before making my purchase. Having started archery with a recurve I was always a fan of big grip, wood risers. With the technology improvements I quickly accepted the metal riser. I was surprised at the look and feel of the bow. It was comfortable to hold and an impressive design. I was curious about the function and abilities of the rubber vibration dampners on the limbs. Everything about this bow made me happy with my purchase decision.

Truth summary: The bow, now two hunting seasons old, has harvested four whitetails at ranges from 8 to 58 yards. I shoot year round and am on my second target and third dozen of arrows. I continue to be pleased with the quality and shootability of this bow. I can shoot right up their with my hunting buddies and their higher priced bows. I feel my bow's quality and performance is equal to and better than the bows they paid much more for. I'm sure this bow will serve me well for several seasons. And that is the Truth!

Rating for this Bear Archery product: 5

Author of this review on Bear Archery Bows: Dave Wilson

Date: 2010-01-03

Usefulness Rating: 3.72727 out of 5.
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