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Hunting Outerwear Manufacturer: GORE-TEX
Review Category: Hunting Outerwear

Purchase: Hunting Outerwear I acquired my camo from a sporting goods store. The reason I purchased the scent controling camo was the fact that I had one stand where the wind currents were always getting me picked off,I had another Scent controling camo ( Scent Blocker ) that worked very well. But you had to limit the number of washes. This was not an issue with the SUPPRESCENT henc my purchase was made. Jacket & Pants about $280.00

Things I like about the GORE-TEX SUPPRESCENT CAMO Hunting Outerwear: I have currently two types of scent controling camo and both seem to help in my ability to get close to Big Bucks. How ever as mentioned above the GORE-TEX SUPPRESCENT is easier to wash and claims not to lose it's efectiveness after many washes.From my use todate I feel that is true. The garmet is soft and quite quiet it fits well and has some nice pockets as well. It is all so quite burr resitant something I really like in my camo. I have it in Moss Oak but you can get it in other paterns. The last two P&Y's I harvested were at 7 and 5 yards. They both came in down wind. The weight of the Camo is lite but it seems to do very well at keeping me warm in temps down to 25 or so. I buy all my hunting outer wear large so I can layer under for warmth.

What I don't like about the GORE-TEX SUPPRESCENT CAMO: I would like to have a built in arm gaurd added to the Jacket. This is on one of my other Jackets and I have come to really like that. All so the hood is attached and personally I do not like that.

Hunting Outerwear SUPPRESCENT CAMO quality: As I said above the camo is warm,dry,wind stopper and quiet. It fits and wear very well. Has a good design that lets you draw your bow without tight spots. The jacket has good pockets and one inside for putting small stuff like your wallet it zips so you will not have stuff falling out when you are climbing in and out of stand. The design works well for archery as the Jacket zips and has a flap cover with snaps that don't catch on string.The garmet works well at shedding those darn burr's as well.

SUPPRESCENT CAMO summary: While I know scent controling garmets are not 100%. I have a wall of bucks that I have taken that say they do help. And if they help 10% thats well worth it to me. I can't post the photo of the wall here but there are 12 nice bucks that range from 120 class to 180 class and many were taken at 15 yards and less. I watched the 180 class 16 point buck come over 100 yards down wind right to me when I arrowed him at 15 yards. So yes I wear and feel the scent controlling garmets do help some. It is my opinion that they have all improved in just the last 2 or 3 years. And the cost now is really not that much higher than any real good quality Camo. The design of these type Camo's has come a long ways and they fit and wear as good as any camo with out the scent controling. The Scent Controling garmets do not lessen the need for hunters to still do all they can to control your scent!

Rating for this GORE-TEX product: 5

Author of this review on GORE-TEX Hunting Outerwear: Gary

Date: 2004-06-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.22273 out of 5.
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